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Virility EX
Virility EX
Virility EX

About Virilityex Pills

Virilityex Pills are known for their ability to enhance penis size and also contribute to increasing a person’s sex drive. It is no hidden fact that women love bigger penises and for a man, it is a confidence booster to have a large penis that allows him to perform better in bed. With more than seven years in business, Virilityex is definitely a name that you can trust. There are quite a few rave reviews about the pills all over the internet which will help you believe in its abilities to get you the desired sexual boost for sure.

How Do These Work?

Virilityex Pills are known to be made of multiple substances that help in increasing sexual desire in men with the regulation of the hormones as well as the bettered blood circulation to the penis for erections. Such effects are due to the kind of ingredients in the pill and to understand how all of this can help you, you have to know more about each of the carefully selected ingredients. Here is more detail on each of the ingredients and how they could help you achieve things that you desire.

American Ginseng: A lot of people have used American Ginseng roots for various purposes over the years. The usefulness of the herb includes curing indigestion as well it is known to be mighty effective against infertility. Also being a natural product, there are hardly any side effects of the use of Ginseng.

Barrenwort: Another great natural product from the ancient times, Barrenwort is the ingredient in Virilityex Pills that helps you in attaining better erections as well as is great for a better sex drive which can add a lot of seduction and love to the sexual intercourse.

Damiana: This ingredient from Central America has been used for years with teas in order to increase the sexual desire development.

Gum Arabic: One of the ingredients of Virilityex Pills that ensures that the blood flow to the penis is enhanced. In this way there is more blood and oxygen in the penile region which allows higher excitement and better erections during the sexual process.
Goat Weed: This substance is definitely one of the horniest substances that you will find around. It is known to give a boost to the testosterone production in men thus also increasing their sexual drive.

Longjack: This drug has been specifically researched in order to cure erectile dysfunctions. Its addition to the pills can definitely help in getting an erect penis faster and for longer as well.

Maca: This particular natural ingredient in the pills is known to have a positive impact on the quality of sperm and at the same time it is well known to increase libido in men.

Zinc: It is mostly produced by the male body in order to promote the growth of the penis but its presence in Virilityex helps the enhancement of the process thus helping you achieve a bigger and thicket penis over a period of time.

Other than some of the rarest ingredients mentioned above, Virilityex Pills also constitute of some of the most effective aphrodisiac substances like Yohimbe along with Stearic acid, Silicon Dioxide, Tribulus Terrestris, Pumpkin etc. Moreover there is also water included in the pills in order to make the digestion process easier. In this way the absorption of all the essential ingredients will be easier and thus the effects they have would be better and faster.

Virilityex Pills also contain ingredients that can help in lowering cholesterol, improving digestion and overall health of the body which makes it easier for the male enhancement activity to take place.

How Fast Does the System Work?

Again there are no specified timelines associated with the product but a lot of users have noticed significant changes in around 4-5 weeks. The results may definitely vary for different people as per their dietary habits, environment, as well as general health play a factor. In order to get the best results from the pills, you would have to use them for a longer period of time.

What’s the Guarantee?

The company provides a 90 day money back guarantee, which is definitely not bad. Since most of the reports would suggest that you can understand about the worthiness of the product by then. Therefore the money back guarantee is a good to have, however it is important to read the policy beforehand.

How much to pay and what to expect?

You can get a one monthly supply for $49.99 and the bigger the order, the bigger the discounts. Moreover you also get a male seduction and the art of loving eBooks for free. This will not only help you achieve greater erections and a bigger penis but also help you learn the art of making love as well as other secrets that can increase the chances of you being the perfect lover in bed.

These pills are quite naturally produced hence there are no side effects reported which means that you can consume them for as long as you want.

Natural Gain Plus
Natural Gain Plus
Natural Gain Plus

Natural Gain Plus is probably one of the earliest products that entered the male enhancement market. With the market getting competitive over the years, Natural Gain Plus has been able to withstand the increasing competition and continue as a successful product with thousands of happy customers. That is definitely an impressive resume but before you purchase these pills, it best that you review all the different aspects related to the pill. A detailed analysis on the pills will help you decide whether they are right for you.

About Natural Gain Plus

Natural Gain Plus as the name suggests is made up of some of the most recommended natural substances that help in achieving hard erections as well as for penis enlargement. Both these aspects are very important for a man to satisfy his female partner sexually.

How Do These Work?

Natural Gain Plus consists of 7 of the most effective natural and herbal substances that can help in sexual enhancement as well as the increase in penis size. These substances are known to increase the hormonal production in your body that can help you naturally be ready for sex, moreover with an improved blood circulation to the penis area, you will also be able to get faster and longer erections.

The following ingredients are the ones that make Natural Gain Plus work well, understanding their individual effects on the human body will help you get a better idea of the overall effect of the pills.

Asian Ginseng: Ginseng is probably the most common substance used in male enhancement medications with its ability to give rock steady erections, increase stamina, and make you feel like an alpha male. This means that you feel good about yourself and your body thus being able to satisfy your partner better. The pills also contain American Ginseng which is known to supplement the blood circulation which is essential for better chances of stronger and long lasting erections.

L-Argenine: A chemical that relaxes blood vessels and smooths blood flow to the penile region which is essential for you to get the erections that you desire.
Zinc Oxide: Since Natural Gain Plus is also known to increase the size of the penis, Zinc Oxide is included as an essential ingredient. This substance is also produced in a male’s body and is known to be a great influence in the growth of the reproductive organs. With traces of Zinc in the pills, you can be sure that there are greater chances for you to achieve the bigger penis that you would want to satisfy your partner.

Ginger: One of the natural ingredients that help in increasing the sexual drive is Ginger. The addition of this substance to Natural Gain Plus is something that makes it so effective and also ensures no side effects.

Other than the above vital ingredients, you can find other important substances such as Niacin, Maca, Pumpkin, Muira Puama and a lot more. These are very effective in helping you get erections and a bigger penis for sure.

How Fast Does the System Work?

There is no specific information that the company provides on the speed of the results but a browse through the user reviews suggest that the pills start showing some results within 5-6 weeks of usage and more benefits are observed with usage for nearly 8-12 weeks. The results may vary depending upon the body physiology and the health of the person. It is recommended that you take a couple of pills at a time, once a day.

What’s the Guarantee?

The Natural Gain Plus pills come with a 90 day guarantee, which states that any product unused and unopened can be returned within 90 days of purchase and the entire amount will be refunded. Therefore in case you do not see the improvements in the stipulated time, you have adequate time to return the bottle of pills and get back your money.

How much will pay and what will I get?

A bottle containing 30 pills costs around $59.99 and assuming that you have a couple of pills every day, your monthly cost would be somewhere close to $120 for these dual purpose pills. Moreover you also get a couple of nice to have gifts with your purchase.

The Art of Dating in 2000 – This 35+ page eBook is provided for free with the purchase of Natural Gain Plus. It is known to have some really valuable information that can help you be the super man with ladies.

Secrets of Total Satisfaction – Another eBook that helps you understand the coveted art of seduction and how to make love with a woman. You will learn about how you can be a great kisser and make sure that your partner would have the best orgasm.

It is the 2nd best product in the male enhancement category due to its ability to provide penile erection and enlargement with the price being quite high compared to the others. Though it is surely an effective pill as a lot of reviews would suggest, the magnitude of its effectiveness might be a little lesser as compared to virility ex.

ProSolution Pills
ProSolution Pills
ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pills – Male Enhancement at its Best

Most men are very conscious about their performance in bed. Inability to attain substantial erection or sexual desire may end up hampering their confidence and thus also their love lives. ProSolution Pills for male enhancement may just turn out to be the magic pills that these men require, as these pills are known to increase the desire for sex.They also help with the facilitation of an erection.

While you would love to buy these right away, it is important to learn about their effectiveness as well as the adverse effects, if any.

About ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pills claim to offer a unique solution to some of most common sex related problems faced by men around the world. The pills are said to be greatly beneficial to overcome low sex drive, erection issues, or inadequacy of stamina during sex. These pills have been around for nearly half a decade and they are known to be quite effective.

How Do These Work?

The claimed effects definitely look fantastic but before deciding to use any product, it is always better to understand the system in which it is expected to work. To initiate the right kind of processes in your body, it is important to have stimulants and more importantly substances that can deliver the desired results without having any adverse effects on the body.

ProSolution Pills are said to have a rare mix of some of the most recently discovered substances and some of the most ancient naturally available herbs that can help you overcome erection, stamina, and sex drive related issues. Therefore in order to understand whether these pills would work well for you, you have to learn about the kind of ingredients used.

Solidilin: This compound has certain components that increase the desire for sex and it has been successfully tested in animals. Also with L-Dopa, the neuro-transmitters are activated to evoke a pleasurable sensation.

Drilizen: Another compound that is very unique and is known to release nitric oxide which in turn can ensure longer erections. Nitric oxide is also known to relax the muscles in the penile region therefore allowing higher blood flow to the penis and hence erection can be achieved faster as well. Drilizen is also known to have a positive impact on the testosterone production ability.

Korean Ginseng: A herb from the ancient times, Ginseng is widely known for its ability to increase strength as well as cure erectile dysfunction to an extent. It also helps in controlling the blood pressure and relaxes your body.

Momordica: This is another rare substance from nature’s treasure, Momordica is useful to reduce indigestion problems and diabetes. It is also known for its abilities to lessen the fat content in your body thereby increasing the production of testosterone.

Curculigo: Originating from the sub continental region in India, this aphrodisiac is considered to be nature’s alternative to something like Viagra. It is recognized and highly rated by the Ayurvedic system of medicine followed by the Indians for hundreds of years as well as there is a good mention of its abilities with the Chinese medicinal traditions.

While the above mentioned, are some of the major contributors to the effectiveness of the ProSolution Pills there are other ingredients which include Arjuna, Cordyceps, and Zinc Oxide which help in blood pressure control thus ensuring a better blood flow to the penis and thus helping you achieve better erections. Also several other natural components added in the pills enhance the desire for sex.

Looking at the entire list of ingredients, most of them seem to be highly rated since ancient times and also there seems to be scientific evidence as a testimony of their abilities. Since a large chunk of the inclusions are derived from natural substances, it is obvious that there will not be any kind of risk or unwanted side effects of consuming these pills.

Along with the pills, ProSolution also promotes a penile health system which is a 2 step program including the pills and some exercises to ensure that you can have a bigger penis to satisfy your partner. All related information is provided with the box of pills that you order.

How Fast Does the System Work?

While a lot of users have claimed to see some results in the first 2 weeks of usage, the company claims to deliver within 2-3 months. And this time frame is very logical as well because any new medication introduced to the body would take some time to take over the other processes and show its effects.

What’s the Guarantee?

ProSolution Pills definitely gives you a 90 days money back guarantee. It seems that the makers are so confident about their product that they are ready to pay back the amount if you are unsatisfied even after using 90 days…impressive!

How much to pay and what to expect?

ProSolution Pills turn out to be quite affordable at just $32 a month, which is almost peanuts compared to benefits you can derive with these pills and the pleasure that you can enjoy with your partner.

Now, after reviewing all the points above and the price, you should definitely want to buy this product. The great news is that buying it now means that you can also get some free gifts from ProSolutions.

The 3 gifts offered include:

ProSolution Gel – A gel to get intense arousals, thicker penile girth, and enjoy better sex ($49.95 worth, this gift is provided to people who opt for the deluxe, VIP or ultimate package)

Volume Pills – To increase the semen load for better orgasms ($65 worth, free for ultimate package only!)

Free Shipping – Buy it now and you do not have to pay a single penny for shipping ($20 saved for US customers only)


About ExtenZe Male Enhancement Pills

Extenze Male Enhancement Pills have helped men for nearly a decade to improve their erections and enhance their penis size. The pills are scientificly researched to help evoke the right kind of signals in a male’s body.

How Do These Pills Work?

These pills are known to be quite effective but there needs to be logic to support this effectiveness. In order to ensure that EntenZe Pills will work well for you, you must also learn about the various substances that make these pills. By understanding the components, you can also derive the possible effects that these pills can have on your body and hence the improvements in your sex drive and love life.

ExtenZe Pills are made from a unique blend of ingredients with a patented formula. The following ingredients make the pill effective by bringing in a change in your hormonal balance as well as by ensuring that the blood flow is smooth.

L-Argenine: One of the very unique ingredients in ExtenZe that is known to have a relaxing influence on the blood vessels helps to regulate the flow of blood to the penile region thus ensuring that erections can be harder, faster and longer.

Tribulus terrestris: This ingredient has a direct impact on the levels of testosterone produced in the body. In fact it is also known to help overcome problems like infertility and also increase libido.

Zinc (Oxide): Zinc is known to be present in most men in traces in order to assist the growth of reproductive organs. With ExtenZe pills you can be sure that this substance is feed into the body.

Ginkgo Biloba: One of the prominent ingredients in most of the male enhancement products, it is known to smoothen the blood flow and increase the amount of blood that goes to the penis. This helps in faster erections and also helps to hold the erection for a longer period.

Yohimbe: Yohimbe is the aphrodisiac in the pill which helps to enhance the sexual desire in men. It is a natural herb that can ensure that the desired results can be obtained without having any side effects on the body.

Maca Extract: Another important ingredient of the pills that serves a multi-purpose role. With the Maca extract there is evident increase in the libido as well as the stamina during sex and the physical strength is said to increase. It is one of the most effective substances to be added in these pills and is also quite unique to this brand.

Other than the highly effective ingredients mentioned above there are also a lot of natural herbs like black pepper, ginger, pumpkin, goat weed etc that are used to ensure that you can get the desired results without having to worry about any side effects. The use of these ingredients along with some very unique compounds can not only help in the erections and sexual desires but are also known to help in increasing the size of the penis (size is known to be a very important factor for the sexual confidence for many men).

How Fast Does The System Work?

ExtenZe needs to taken just once in a day and results are usually obtained in a period of approximately 2 months. However it is advised to continue using the pill at least for 3-4 months, as a regular health supplement, in order to get maximum results. Since there are no health hazards caused in any way, you can consume the pill to help you enhance your physical stamina and strength on an ongoing basis.

What’s the Guarantee?

You get a 100% money back guarantee with ExtenZe, they allow you to return the product within 60 days of purchase, which means that there is adequate time for you to test the product and return it if does not work for you. But in most cases reported, the pills seem to be working well if taken correctly on a regular basis.

How much to pay and what to expect?

ExtenZe male enhancement pills come at a price of $59.95 for a month’s supply. This means that you only have to spare that much each month to enjoy a happy sex life with your wife. However in case you buy 3 months’ stock together you can get it for a discounted price.

You can purchase it online and you do not need to worry about the charge that appears on the credit card as there will be no mention of the male enhancement pill (saves you from embarrassment). The charge will be made in the name of

To go by the number of people who have used the pills, ExtenZe is rated a close second to ProSolution Pills only because the latter provides a 90 day guarantee as compared to 60 days from ExtenZe Pills.


About VigRxPlus Pills

VigRxPlus is a well established male enhancement pill brand with online presence for over a decade. It is one brand that has gone through clinical trials and has proven to quite effective. While they are widely used it is therefore important that you first learn about the way they work and what ingredients that make them special.

How Do These Work?

When you consume VigRxPlus pills there are certain activities that are initiated in your body thus increasing the desire for sex and also helping you attain sufficient erection during the love making process. These pills are essentially stimulating factors to ensure that you can have a wonderful love life.

When you get aroused there are certain hormones that are secreted. The hormones also have an impact on the blood flow to the penile region which in turn helps you in attaining erections and maintaining them. With VigRxPlus your blood flow to the penis will increase thus providing better erections, one of the catalyst of this effect is a substance known as Bioperine. There are also a lot of other ingredients that are included in these pills. Some of the important substances that the pills include are as follows.

Bioperine: This is a wonderful substance that VigRxPlus contains. While there are a lot of ingredients that help the pill to get the desired body reactions, with Bioperine, the absorption of the nutrient increases thus leading to better chances of the ingredient being absorbed in the blood stream, thus increasing the effect of the pills.

Damiana: A natural ingredient from South America, Damiana is known to be a sex stimulant as well as very effective in increasing the stamina of a person. It has been known to be used by people since centuries in order to improve sexual stamina and desire.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo has been one of the most common ingredients in male enhancement pills. It helps in better blood circulation in the body which is great for harder erections. Moreover it is also a great way to help in improving the overall health of a person.

Asian Red Ginseng: Traditionally, this herb is known to be a great natural cure for weakness as it supplies additional energy to the body. It is also good for improved blood supply to the brain and the penis which is again essential for better sexual activity.

Hawthorn Berry: It is a natural substance that is known to have positive impact on the blood flow throughout the body as it is an antioxidant. Studies have also shown that the berry helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the arteries which also helps blood circulation.

Saw Palmetto Berry: They have been known as great sex stimulators and stamina enhancers for years. With newer research, these facts regarding its effectiveness have also been fairly proven. Also being a natural ingredient, there are hardly any chances of any side effects.

The above combination of ingredients in the VigRxPlus pills is known to be highly effective for a variety of reasons. While the above ingredients help in increasing the sexual drive and stamina, enhancing blood circulation thus giving better erections and also with Bioperine, the overall effect of the pills is enhanced. There are other substances like Muira Pauma, Goat Weed, Puncture Vine and others that make the pill highly effective.
It is known that the pills help in the overall enhancement of the body functions and hormonal increment which as a result causes better sex drive, erections and thus a better love making ability. With abundance of natural ingredients combined with well tested compounds, the VigRxPlus pills turn out to be highly effective but free from side effects.

How Fast Does the System Work?

The VigRxPlus system has a system that works in a very specific way wherein the first month is known to be a building phase as the pills prepare the body to get used to the positive changes brought about by the pills. It is said that the system actually starts showing results in approximately 2 months. The 3rd month of the pill usage, you can start getting the maximum benefits of this pill.

The result might vary for different people but most men start seeing results in the above stated time frames.

What’s the Guarantee?

VigRxPlus provides sufficient proof of its ability and also the various reactions it can bring to your body in order to help you achieve the best erections. Even then you get a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

How much to pay and what to expect?

You can get a monthly dosage of these pills for nearly $76.99 however in case you order for a couple of months together, you can save $10. VigRxPlus gives you multiple discounts as you order more and a year of dosage ordered together will cost you only $489.99, moreover as you order more, you start getting attractive freebies which can include a free exercise CD, free US shipping, semen volume enhancer and a lot more.

VigRxPlus is definitely a good deal and deserves a 5th spot among the top rated male enhancement pills. It is just a little bit expensive for monthly purchase but turns out to be a lot cheaper when you pull the year’s stock together.


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